How to Choose a Domain Name Registrar When You Buy a Domain Name

Buying a domain name is the first step to having your business online. There are various factors that you ought to take into consideration when you embark on registering a domain name for your e-commerce platform. On the top of the list is how to find the best domain name registrar.

Here are some of the factors that you should consider:

  • Get your domain name registration from an ICANN accredited registrar

Though there are many sites where you can buy your domain name, it is advisable to get your domain name from Internet Corporation for Assigned Names, and Numbers (ICANN) accredited registrar or reseller of a registrar. ICANN is the body that is in charge of the domain name registration system. ICANN provides a set of rules and guidelines and ensures that all registrars comply. Therefore, dealing with an ICANN regulated registrar reduces chances of fraud and poor service. It is also advisable to seek for reviews from other internet users who are using the registrar’s service.

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  • Shop around before you buy a domain name

Take your time and shop around to identify the registrar that provides the range of services that you desire. Try to get a quote from different registrars and look out for any hidden charges. As you know the particular services that you need, it is easier to compare several registrars who offer the service and get one that provides you with the best deal. However, keep in mind that the lowest price may not necessarily be the best deal.

  • Register domain name free? Check the fine print

Even where a registrar promises to register a domain name free, it is advisable to check the fine print. There could be some inconspicuous details in the contract term that could be unfavorable to you and even costly in the long run. Also, check the contract to ensure that the domain name you choose will be registered in your name and not in a third parties name or the registrar’s name.

  • Can you transfer your domain name?

You may require moving your domain name from the registrar in the future for one reason or another. Therefore, before you buy a domain name, check the transfer policy of the registrar. Usually, you can’t move your domain name within the first sixty days of registration. However, some registrar can restrict the transfer for a longer period. Others may not allow transfer altogether or charge a fee. So, it’s better to check the terms beforehand to avoid possible future frustrations.

  • Customer support is essential when you buy a domain name

Whether you buy or register domain name free, the customer support provided by the registrar will compliment your online business or adversely affect it. When your site goes down, you want a registrar that acts fast to restore it, if you have a technical issue affecting the performance of your e-commerce platform, you need the registrar to resolve the problem in the shortest time possible. The same applies when you have payment issues.

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Some of the issues to look out for are as follows:

  • Are you dealing with the registrars themselves or a reseller?

It is advantageous to deal directly with the registrar than having a middle party in the name of a reseller. That way, your problems in case of any can be resolved faster and also the costs go down.

  • Where is the Registrar based?

The location of the registrar can mean you and them being in a different time zone. If you are in a different time zone, getting in touch with them might be problematic because when you are awake, they may be asleep

  • What is the scope of the customer support offered?

It is wise to find out the customer and also technical support offered by the registrar. Is the support available around the clock? Do they have a live chat or telephone support? Such factors are key and if not checked before committing, can prove disastrous in the future.